Valley Chiropractic Life Center is very close to celebrating it’s 40th year in Turtlecreek, Pennsylvania.  Since 1972, Doctor Ronald E. Marshall opened his office at 305 McMasters Avenue, Turtlecreek, PA 15145.  Being raised in Turtlecreek, he wanted to “give-back” to the community that provided so many opportunities to him.  Doctor Marshall has always been a charitable person.  Belonging to volunteer organizations, from the local fire department to “Fraternal Charitable Organizations, emulates his “giving” personality and nature.  These qualities are exactly how he runs his practice.  He provides superior care and treatment to all his patients!

Doctor Marshall’s practice specializes in Sports Injuries and Family Care!  Being certified in several areas, Doctor Marshall will provide the care you desperately need.  Doctor Marshall’s certifications include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Physiological Therapeutics
  • Applied Kinesiology (Acupressure)

Doctor Marshall practices Chiropractics with special attention to manual manipulations.  Not only can he help you with your aches and pains, dislocated joints, and nerve pains, Doctor Marshall treats for all types of diseases – from Migraines to Menopause.  Stop in our office for a visit and see what Doctor Marshall’s patients all know – His care and treatment is the best in the area.